South Carolina Musings Vol.3

My new favorite pasttime while I am down here is looking for aligators. My life right now is completely devoted to that endeavor. Every morning while I am riding a bike through Sea Pines resort I am constantly staring at the canals to find a gator. I’ve gotten lucky and found a few big ones and been tempted to jump in after one and bring it out to show small children. ok, i’ve been watching too much animal planet.

So I finished “Blink” and now I’m reading “Wisdom of Crowds” which is pretty fascinating. Its basically a study on how collective wisdom always outpaces so-called experts or individuals. I’ll write more on this in the future as it has a lot of lessons to be applied to team formation and decentralization of decision-making. But so far its a great read and anyone who likes “The Tipping Point” will like this.

Other than that, not a whole lot going on in South Carolina, which is probably for the best.


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