South Carolina Ramblings Vol.2

So once again kicking it in the local Starbucks.

I’ve been meaning to start a new daily post based on the funniest or oddest bumper sticker I encounter during my daily travels. So, today on the way to the coffee shop my favorite was “OJ Simpson? No. OJ Bluffton.” Makes no sense to me, but I am guessing there is some South Carolinean humor to be found in that somewhere. Wondering if that was someone’s campaign slogan for like city council or ag commisioner. If so, that beats my slogan for Rooker’s 11th grade Treasurer campaign of “Pimping ain’t easy, but voting for Rooker is.” I am afterall, a marketing genius.

So in the 12 minutes I’ve been here today, the old people have complained about the Starbucks being too cold and the music being too depressing. About that time I decided it was time for the ipod to drown out the old people with Queens of the Stone Age and Sunny Day Real Estate.

Doing ok with not working too much while down here. However I’ve noticed that not working has me thinking constantly about doing some work. Its a sickness really.

Watched the AllStar game last nite…and was disappointed not to see Andruw Jones get an at-bat. Otherwise, pretty well pitched game except for Trevor Hoffman, and Michael Young was clutch in the 9th.


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