Applying “The Wages of Wins” to Web Analytics

So while I was basking in the sun of Sunset Beach and enjoying copious amounts of adult beverages, I managed to finish reading “The Wages of Wins (now known as WofW) and most of “Blink”.

As I mentioned in another post, WofW dives into using statistical analysis to disprove many myths that surround sports. Like if baseball haa a competitive balance problem, who is the best basketball player, and whether quarterbacks have a big influence over the outcome of a game or not. Just a great read for a sports junkie and a metrics geek. I wish I had thought of it.

One of the things I want to try is using the regression analysis techniques to look at stuff I deal with everyday such as web traffic. Instead of disproving myths like whether or not Allen Iverson is a good player or not, I want to study which variables effect things like web traffic and revenue.

Does web traffic truly drive web revenue? And if so, how much of an impact does it have? Would other variables have more of an impact on web sales? Price? Availability? Configurability? Competition? Customer satisfaction? The list goes on with potential analysis and correalations.

In the next few weeks I am going to read up on how to go about setting up a regression analysis and what tools can be used to do so. If anyone in blogistan has a decent idea on a methodology or which tools work best for doing so, please post here.

And since I actually drove to the office today…here are songs for a Wednesday:

1) Led Zeppelin – Misty Mountain Hop

2) Hobex – Groove Baby

3) Smashing Pumpkins – Glynis

4) The Raconteurs – Store Bought Bones

5) Idlewild – Centurry after Century

6) REM – Maps & Legends


3 thoughts on “Applying “The Wages of Wins” to Web Analytics

  1. Jim,

    Like your thoughts – thanks for sharing them with us. I’m glad your reading a lot of tangerial material. The mind unlocks tremendous creativity trying to relate somewhat dissimlar items – this often leads to a breakthrough that was perhaps obvious in hindsight but comepletely unreachable through the normal course of routine.

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