Get your geek on

hola avid Diary readers…sorry for the sparse posts of late. Honestly, after having to be on a computer all day, staring at scripts and data flows…sometimes the last thing I want to do is type a post on one. So that being said…i am now the proud owner of a Lenovo x41 tablet. Now I can write the old fashioned way, no more typing for me! So far I am really impressed with the hand-writing recognition software, eventhough my handwriting looks like a drunk 3rd grader with parkinson’s. Having broken my wrist and hand so many times, its a wonder i can write at all.

Really looking forward to using this puppy to take notes and stuff, as I have about 50 notebooks and post-its with stuff scribbled on it that I never can find. And I love to draw diagrams and problem solving logic, so having the ability to digitize that stuff is going to be much more efficient. and there is also the fact that I like new toys. that can’t be underestimated in all this.

Going to be taking this badboy with me to class when i start on the MBA in the fall at NC State. I can also see myself taking notes on stuff while driving in the car. just kidding, though i swear my best ideas come to me while zoning out on I-40 (and not remembering the drive home)…it would be great to finally write some of these things down and save them. Who knows… the analytics book and the album “The Legend of the Neuse” could be constructed on this new machine. Possibilities are endless. and of course, i’ll end up doing the same mundane crap on my machines that i do now.

One thing I don’t like too much right now is the fingerprint reader. I literally have to do it like 20 times before it can read my fingerprint. But then again maybe I am not doing it right either.

anywho…songs for a Monday ride (the Ipod done me right today):

1) The Cure – Closedown

2) Urge Overkill- Positive Bleeding

3) U2 – With or Without You

4) Ben Harper – Roses from My Friends

5) Radiohead – Airbag

6) Pearl Jam – Porch (MTV Unplugged)

7) Neil Young – Families

8) Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – Heavy Metal

9) Sufjan Stevens – The Upper Peninsula

10) Pearl Jam – State of Love and Trust

11) The Pogues – If I Should Fall From Grace with God

I wish I could form a band like the Pogues…they had it right…songs about kicking ass and drinking. and done with a sneer and slurred speech.


One thought on “Get your geek on

  1. Did it come with MS OneNote? If not, may be worth looking into, it’s a cool program. Haven’t used it with a tablet yet, but I use it to organize all my typed notes (rather than hundreds of notepad files).

  2. Mike – it didn’t come with OneNote, but I did happen to get a license when I got the tablet. I saw it in use, and seems to work pretty well with the pen.

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