Ramble On

Time to start a new week.

Watched the Braves blow another game last nite to the BoSox, and like their 7th in a row. I seriously think Boston had more than half of the tickets for those games, cause when Youkilis hit the 2-run bomb in the 8th, there was a huge applause. I thought there was a glimmer of hope when Franceour hit a laser out for a 3-run homer. But of course the bullpen imploded again. The Braves desperately need some pitching if they have any hope for the wild card. The division title is already out of reach, as they are 14 games out from the Mets. Looking at what the Braves can do, I am not sure there are a ton of options for tradebait. They have some good talent at Double-A and below, but not sure you want to jeopardize the rebuilding effort. In any case, this team is still underachieving greatly. Any team with Giles, Reneteria, Chipper, Andruw, Smoltz, Hudson, and McCann shouldn't be 9 games under .500. Very depressing.

So…in other news, I got a bunch of books via Amazon this weekend. "Blink", "Wisdom of Crowds", and "Wages of Wins". I am also reading a biography on Bob Dylan which is pretty interesting, currently in the mid 70's around the time of the Rolling Thunder Revue. "Wages of Wins" takes the next logic step beyond "Moneyball" where it looks at sports stats as opposed to what people think they see. Really enlightening, and i'll probably post more on it as I get through it.
Songs to start a week….

1 – Radiohead – Where I End You Begin

2 – Jane's Addiction – Classic Girl

3 – Jack Johnson – Breakdown

4 – Pearl Jam – Evenflow

5 – Led Zeppelin – Since I've Been Loving You (BBC Sessions)

6 – Franz Ferdinand – 40'

Good set, especially the Zep song. Jimmy Page goes ballistic on that song. I've always wondered how people can get that good at guitar where it sounds effortless and where the guitar almost has a voice to it.


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