Monday, JS, Bulls, etc

Spent the whole day learning javascript as I trudge through tagging our sites with a new analytics tag. I actually relish the chance to learn something new and geeky. Bought the O’Reilly Definitive Guide on Javascript to make myself at least somewhat knowledgable and appear more technical than I really am. Trying to get some more dork street cred.

Tonite going to a Durham Bulls baseball game on GSK’s tab. Can’t diss free beer, free food, and baseball. At least I can’t. I am wondering if Delmon Young is back to playing after pegging an ump with a bat in the frist couple of weeks of the season. That guy is good, so it sucks for us fans that he went Spreewell on the ump.

Speaking of the Bulls, BJ Upton is putting up some interesting stats, good part is he has 27 steals, bad part is he has 24 errors. yipes. The big prize of the night is that I am hoping to win the speed pitch for the 4th time…and win a crappy hat. 

Songs to remember a Monday by…

1) Ryan Adams – Blue Sky Blues

2) John Lennon – Hold On

3) Ryan Adams – Starlite Diner

4) South – Paint the Silence

4) Pearl Jam – No Way

5) Bob Dylan – Girl from the North Country (with Johnny Cash)

6) Uncle Tupelo – New Madrid

Its interesting to see the ipod pull 2 Adams songs from the same album (“29”) in a 6 song mix. Out of 4000 songs, it pulls 2 from a 9 song album. What are the odds on that? I think that might have been a GMAT question.


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