Friday, team ramblings

well, its friday once again. The cap off the Sierra Nevada has been popped (for any of my bosses, its 5:12 pm EST) Its been a quality week as I continue to scramble through a few projects I have going, one is the Web Analytics team building and the other is deploying a new web analytics solution (of which I'll write about at another time).

The team thing will have its ups and downs, but basically it has to happen if you're ever going to take analytics from the "how many hits did i get" culture to asking more sophisticated questions like "how many hits did i get…when i changed my keyword bid management strategy from A to B". Of course you'll still get the mundane hits questions, but hopefully they will be few and far between.

Part of my problem right now is our current solution is so archaeic that we've been used to hearing, "well we can't do this" or that the tool sucks. Therefore the organizations have grown accustomed to not being held accountable. The culture needs to shift. Once you can show actual data, the gut-feelings theoretically can be replaced with educated guesses based on past performances. This won't happen over night, and this is why the team thing is so important to me, to spread the Gospel of web analytics with insights into what is going on.

I might try to post a step by step process for setting up a web analytics team as i get a little farther, so far right now all I've got…

1) Admit there is a problem. Find analysts and stakeholders and get their buy-in to fix the gap in understanding what is happening on the web and acknowledge that continous improvement is the path we need to take.

3) Profit (South Park reference from the Underpants Gnomes episode)

Seriously though, I am going to try to jot them down once I figure out what they are as I know there are other folks out there that struggle with the same situation. 

Speaking of which, I've been doing a lot of reading of other blogs in the web analytics space and its been nice to read about other people's perspectives as its always seemed we've all come to this career kind of by accident. There really isn't a book out there to learn this stuff from, so we've all learned from each other and trial and error. The great thing about forums, blogs, and other online community stuff is that we can broaden the scope of sharing, and that has been a great change in my outlook on how to do this stuff. So to all that contribute, keep it up!

enjoy your weekend. 


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