Monday Ramblings, the Fall of Pujols, etc

ahh, so the weekend was filled with unpacking boxes and wondering why I didn't throw out half of the crap I've accumulated at my other house.

One bonus from the move was that I vowed I would reward myself at the end with a beer from Rogue (which is the greatest beer on this planet, and probably other planets as well). This particular Rogue brew was the Morimoto Imperial Pilsner, and I first came across it during the epic drive down the West Coast last summer and enjoyed it immensley. To buy it in a store in Raleigh, ran me 12 bucks, which is a lot for 22 oz., but man, this stuff is goodness and a great way to end a move. Speaking of the trip last summer, one of the highlights was taking a stop at the Rogue Brewery in Newport, Oregon. Its like my personal Disneyland. Seriously good beer. Check it out if you are ever out in Oregon.

So interesting times on the baseball diamond.

First, my Braves looked wretched against the Diamondbacks this weekend, getting swept at home. First time since 1995. I am starting to wonder how they are going to fix a lot of their holes. Right now the corner outfield positions are killing the Braves offensively, with an OPS less than .700. Not good. I think the real key is getting Brian McCann back behind the plate, as we was leading the Braves in OPS at around .950. But they gotta get some more production out of Francoeur and Langerhans. For Francoeur it comes with being more disciplined, and not getting himself out by chasing stuff out of the strike zone. 

The biggest thing in baseball this weekend was the injury to Albert Pujols. You know Major League Baseball is pissed about this one, as he was on pace to hit 90 homeruns and drive in 200 runs, thus allowing MLB to get Barry Bonds off the homerun record. Having Rolen batting behind Big Al, I think he would have gotten close to the 73 homers, but I think the 200 rbi would have been pretty interesting too, as Hack Wilson's mark has stood a long time (76 years!). What's weird to me is how athletes of today are in ridiculous shape but end up pulling and tearing muscles all the time on seemingly routine plays.  

Also…if you told me the Detroit Tigers would be the best team in baseball on June 5th, I would thinking you were smoking rock. But shizzam, there they are. Being such a young team though I wonder if they will falter down the stretch, especially since Cleveland hasn't played up to their ability yet, and will at some point in the 2nd half. Plus, the White Sox aren't going to lay down and die either. But man, they got some Nintendo-like pitchers with 3 or 4 guys hitting 100 mph on the gun. Should be a fun team the next few years. Go ahead and get Jim Leyland's plaque ready for Cooperstown.

tunes for Monday

1) Ryan Adams – Avalanche

2) Clap Your Hands Say Yeah – The Skin of My Yellow Country Teeth (awesome title)

3) The Beatles – I am the Walrus

4) Bob Marley – Stir it up

5) Jack Johnson – Breakdown 


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