Moving on Up!

So I completed the move yesterday. Any move that requires the Raleigh PD to show up is indeed a quality move. Too long of a story to get into, but all is well now. This morning it was cool to wake up in a new place, one that I've been working on getting into for almost 3 months. Also, pretty neat to look out and see all 4 of our skyskrapers in downtown Raleigh. We ara a thriving metropolis indeed. 

Good to see the Hurricanes make the Stanley Cup. I especially liked the sign a fan held up that said "Redneck Hockey". After seeing the sign on TV, my wife said "That is sooo true".

Randomness from the ipod for a Friday:

1) David Bowie – Diamond Dogs

2) the Shins – Kissing the Lipless

3) Ryan Adams – Answering Bell

4) Ester Drang – Calendonia

5) REM – Catapult

6) Pearl Jam – Driven to Tears (Police cover)

7) Van Morrison – Crazy Love

The new house adds 4 minutes to the commute, which is cool with me as I get to hear one extra song a morning. If I didn't move, I wouldn't have heard 'Crazy Love'.

 More to write later.


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