Life in Boxes

Been pretty slack on the blog due to the fact I am moving tomorrow. My life is currently in boxes. I have no idea where anything is at this point. The whole moving process is sort of cathartic in that I can now throw away everything I don’t use anymore and start anew. I am giving away my worldly possessions and downsizing my life. Looking forward to the new house and hood, and most of all looking forward to not moving anymore.

After the move… I have grand plans for myself this summer of which I’ll likely only achieve like 20% of what I set out to do. My two projects designed to keep me sane before I go to grad school in the fall are to write and record a 10 song album, with the working title “The Legend of the Neuse”. Likely all songs about growing up in the South and myths from the area. We’ll see how far i get, I’ve written most of the title song already.

The other project is to hopefully is hopefully sit down and write a book on web analytics. The more I think about it, the more daunting it is, as you don’t want to give away how you do things within your company. This is the reason I believe all the current web metrics books are vague and ultimately not too helpful as they are not anything but a broad overview like this is what a visit is, a conversrion is this, etc. No one wants to spill the beans on how they drove a 600% increase in online sales by buying these 4 keywords from Yahoo, instead of Google because the conversion rate for first time visitors was twice the normal rate and so on. That project is going to be a little harder and may never see the light of day. Plus I am nowhere as articulate (ie SMART) as people like Avinash Kaushik.

Anywho…tunes from yesterday.

1) Travis – Safe

2) Radiohead – Climbing up the Walls (frightening song, lots of banging metal and clanging)

3) Sufjan Stevens – The Predatory Wasp of the Palisades is Out to Get Us

4) The Futureheads – Carnival Kids

5) Grant Lee Buffalo – Goodnight John Dee

6) CCR – Suzie Q

7) The Doors – Five to One

8) Wolf Parade – It’s a Curse


One thought on “Life in Boxes

  1. The delightful thing about the “blogosphere” is that you can appear way smarter than you actually are, the amount of show you have to put on is minimal. So I appreciate your kind words (and you can add me to your blogroll 🙂 but I am really not that SMART (hence the name of my blog, Occam’s Razor, simplicity :).

    You should post more on your thoughts on Web Analytics (even if you can’t get specific about your company). I read all your posts on Web Analytics and found all of them to be interesting. Especially the one on May 10th. I think that has given me a idea of a blog post.

    Thanks again for the kind words and the link to my blog.

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