Its Friday

tunes for I-40…

1) The Police – Roxanne

2) Whiskeytown – Sitting Around

3) Ben Harper – Not Fire Not Ice

4) The Clash – I'm Not Down

5) Ryan Adams – Somehow, Someday

Not sure I ever mentioned it but, "London Calling" from the Clash is like in my top 5 albums.  Just a phenomenal record, and I really want to get the extended, remastered version with like 30 bonus tracks of demos, etc. 

Everytime I hear Ben Harper play acoustic solo stuff, I am reminded of the impressive show my Project Mayhem crew ventured to see at UVa about 5 or 6 years ago. We partied like Motley Crue and stayed with my bro and I was floored by how good Harper was that nite. He played an hour or so of straight funk/rock and then the last 45 min or so was all acoustic solo. and not a person made a noise. No one yelled "Play some Skynyrd!!" or some lame crap like that. Everyone was in silent awe.  Really cool. And then we partied some more at the Buddha Biker Bar in Charlottesville and the 5 of us crashed at my bro's 150 year old, 300 sq ft aparement, and I was already sick and the sickness later morphed into pneumonia. Good times. Also, the opening act was Jack Johnson who didnt even have a record out when we saw him. 

Enjoy your Mama's Day…


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