Tuesday Musings

So…I forgot to mention I saw "Thank You For Smoking" this past weekend….good lord that is a funny movie. And honestly, it skewers both sides of the fence, not just the tobacco industry. The Merchants of Death crew killed me. While it points out that big tobacco is peddling death, the key point of the movie can't be emphasized enough…it comes down to personal choice and responsibility. With our ligation-gone-amuck society we are constantly overlooking that no one is holding a gun to your head saying you have to smoke, that you have to eat a Big Mac, or that you have watch certain things on TV. It should be up to you, which is one of the benefits in living in a relatively free society. One interesting tidbit…there is never a cigarette shown in the whole movie. 

Yesterday's drive-in tunes…

1) Cody Chestnutt – My Women My Guitar (probably not appearing on any radio stations anytime soon)

2) Son Volt – Back Into Your World

3) The Who – Who Are You (reminds me…I need to listen to more Who, and reminds me why I have a Fender TeleCaster)

4) Sunny Day Real Estate – Tearing at My Heart

5) Ray LaMontagne – Trouble (faux Van Morrison for 00's…there is only one VM)

6) Fall-Out Boy – Sugar, We're Goin Down (guilty pleasure…as I generally hate anything on MTV)

7) Ryan Adams – Cherry Lane

Also, ate at Joe's Place in downtown Raleigh last nite. Waitress asked if i ever order anything different, which I guess means I go there a lot (only like 50 times or so). Anyways…it is definitely worth checking out for some good eats (I always get the BBQ) and real cheap…Here is a link to it on CitySearch: Joe's Place


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