Horses, Beer, and Sun = quality event

So…in honor of the Kentucky Derby…My wife and I went to the Broyhill at Steeplechase in Clayton, NC on Saturday. It was just like the Kentucky Derby…only smaller, less important, and closer. Oh…and you could bring in your own booze and food. Plus it was an opportunity to hang out in Clayton!

It was a fantastic day weather wise, like mid-70's and sunny. Got out there at like noon and enjoyed the 5 hours of hanging out at a sporting event I have no insight into. The crowd was mainly 20 and 30 year olds, though a few families were out there as well. My vision of the crowd might have been skewed as my section was essentially the frat section (which is code for drinking and debauchery section). Most folks were decked out in sun dresses and khakis, except me (i left my sun dress at home).

With the first few races, everyone was into seeing the races, as we were along one of the turns. By the 3rd or 4th race, the beer pong table was the main attraction along with the drunken dancing taking place across from our site, quite a site.

The races were kind of strange, in that I had no idea who was winning and honestly didn't care, as there was no organized gambling going on to make it interesting. The funny part to me is that invariably at least one rider fell off his horse during each race, but yet the horse continued racing…which leads me to believe we can cut out the jockeys, and still have a sport. Plus the jockey union is getting too powerful.

By the end, I was burnt and buzzed, and had a great time enjoying something I had no idea even existed until 2 days earlier. The only sad part is that this was likely the last race at this place, as they sold the land to a developer who is building a neighborhood with cookie-cutter housing, but such is the life within 100 miles of RTP. The Kentucky Derby doesn't have to deal with that kind of stuff!


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