Fantabulous Friday

Gorgeous day…and its Friday. Looking forward to the weekend. Helping a friend move on Saturday morning, and then hopefully washing away the ensuing pain at the Raleigh Beer Festival downtown. That will likely be apocalyptic, just as the Durham was in the fall. $25 all you can consume, as long as you are breathing on your own. I think I might bring the camera for that one.

So…songs of the day

1) Hobex – Am I Losing My Mind?

2) The Police – Invisible Sun

3) Nirvana – Verse Chorus Verse

4) Jimi Hendrix Experience – Little Miss Lover (off the greatest album of all time Axis:Bold as Love)

5) Thursday – Standing on the Edge of Summer (didn't like it, likely to be nudged off the ipod)

6) Stephen Malkmus – Water and a Seat

7) Ryan Adams – Rescue Blues

8) The Futureheads – Carnival Kids

So i got some tunes in me, and some coffee…i am ready to get some work done. 


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