The Search Continues

Do you think State fans knew how hard it was going to be to get a new coach? So Lavin and Beilein have said no to coaching the wolfpack. And the N&O was talking about how Phil Ford was a possibility. Phil Ford??? Phil Ford of friggin 70's era UNC? How can that make Wolfpack nation happy? Seriously, how is anybody they choose at this point any better than Herb Sendek? And with Ced Simmons looking at the first round of the NBA, things aren't looking too rosey at the RBC next year. 

On a different tangent. Josh McRobert of Duke has said he's coming back for his sophomore year. This is fantastic news, not just for Duke fans, but for my fantasy basketball team. And that is really the most important thing right?  Guess all my letters to McRob, talkin about how rough the NBA is, paid off in the end. If only that would have worked when I had Chris Bosh on my squad a few years back. should have tried a horse head instead. 


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