Catching Up – Hazen takes Manhatten

So I havent written in a long time…its not by design, just got a lot going on. And the last few days I haven't been able to put things into blog form. Got blogger's block, i guess.

Anywho…I managed to make it up to Manhatten last week to meet with our ad agency, Ogivly. I've only been to Manhatten a handful of times so everytime I go its like entering the part in Wizard of Oz when it goes from monochrome to full color. I am constantly amazed that the place exists. So different from Raleigh, and really anywhere.

As soon as you get off the plane at LaGuardia a sense of hyperkenetic energy comes barreling over you. Its like a shot of adrenaline. Maybe its just from being an outsider, but I feel it. And maybe people who live there feel it too, why else would they continue to live among 8 million other people looking for that energy?

The cab ride to Manhatten was fun to watch as the cabbie had no regard for actually getting me there in one piece. Went screaching through rush hour traffic and I watched all the comings and goings of an average day in the city.  Its fun for me to just see the chaos.

My initial plan was to hang out with Ogilvy for a few hours and then kick it in Central Park, as I've never wandered around there. But my meeting went a few hours over, and I really never got a chance to do anything while I was there. My one thrill was trying to figure out how to flag a taxi on 8th ave. I had never actually done that before, and stood around waiting and waiting. Occassionally, i'd wander down the street thinking there would be a fleet of them around the corner only to see them whiz by me with other passengers. I probably looked like I was from another planet as it took me about 10 minutes to finally get one, and that guy couldn't have been too thrilled with driving me to the airport since his shift was going to end in like 20 min.

So essentially I came to NYC for about 8 hours and sat in a meeting and at LaGuardia, and got to experience the rest looking out the window of a cab. Still, you can feel the energy. I need to make it back soon, and stay longer.  


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