Rockin out on Wednesday

So, i friggin lied. I said I was going to write something about Tipping Point. Instead I went to the gym and got diesel. I actually have a lot of posts in queue, so soon will be an avalanche of entertaining stories.

But in the meantime, the jams that made Wednesday's drive into RTP

1) Arcade Fire – "Crown of Love"

2) Radiohead – Subterranean Homesick Alien

3) U2 – New Year's Day (live version)

4) Marjorie Fair – Empty Room

good, good start on the jams, though I am really beat down physically and mentally. Insomnia is a bitch. Woke up at 2:30 am, after going to bed only like 3 hours earlier. Hung out on the couch with Pebbles (the chihuahua, whom desrves a post) for a few hours, and then slept for an hour and headed to the gym to get more diesel. The concept of exercise is to wear myself out physically so I can sleep, but doesn't seem to work as well anymore. My mind doesn't shut off and therefore doesn't allow for sleep.

In other news, I am going to NYC tomorrow morning to meet with our ad agency. Should be interesting, gives me a chance to think about what we should be measuring from an interactive marketing standpoint.

I do hate to fly though. Not cuz I am scared of flying, but cuz i hate recycled air and the fact I am not in control irks me. The recycled air kills me, guarantee i get sick sometime next week cuz i pick up some cold or ebola from some guy on the plane. Also, I need to find a book to read on the flight.

anywho…more to come. 


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