1986 World Series Relived…via RBI Baseball

This is friggin hilarious…but maybe i am an extreme dork.
1986 World Series Game 6 on NES

If you wanna go straight to the video: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=8547285560243429315&q=RBI%20baseball&pl=true

Perfect blend of geekiness mixed with sports. The picture of Marty Barrett as the player of the game is ridiculous. Calvin Schiraldi completely goated that game, way before Buckner.


One thought on “1986 World Series Relived…via RBI Baseball

  1. Thank you for reminding people that things were going downhill before the Buckner error. For some reason I’ve always liked Bill (probably because he was a Cub) and it bugs me to this day when people blame him solely for the loss.

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