Rockin on I-40

Today's daily tunes while enjoying the stop and go on I-40…

1 ) Sunny Day Real Estate – Fool in the Photograph

2) Saves the Day – Ups & Downs

3) Whiskeytown – Mining Town

4) Kanye West – We Don't Care

5) Ryan Adams – Gimme a Sign

6) Radiohead – Talk Show Host

7) Pete Yorn – Burrito

8) Ben Harper – Glory & Consequence

Good mix as a couple of my favorite artists made it into the randomness that is the Ipod. Whiskeytown, one of the finest bands from Raleigh, is always a good call, as was the obscure track from Radiohead, and one of my favs from Ben Harper.  Its funny how some songs or albums remind you of when you got them. The Ben Harper album that "Glory and Consequence" was on was purchased basically the next day after I got back from going to school in Australia back in the summer of 1997. In fact, that day I bought like 12 cds including Radiohead's masterpiece "OK Computer" and like 3 Stones albums. The whole summer i had no cds, walkmans, etc… so everywhere my classmates and i went we brought like 10 bucks in quarters so we could take over every jukebox at every bar we went to. This is where i developed my taste for the Rolling Stones. Every bar in Oz had the Stones on the jukebox….you could basically count on it. Stones and alcohol seem to go together extremely well. All day we would wait with great anticipation of hearing Gimme Shelter, Brown Sugar, Tubling Dice, and Beast of Burden at the bars. good times. Also the radio stations were pretty cool and played Ben Harper a great deal, hence why I bought the new Harper album the first day back in the US. 


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