Windows on Macs?

So being the obsessive compulsive that i am, I check certain web sites like a billion times a day. One of those sites happens to The latest buzz around the Mac commununity and outside is the fact that Apple has being working on a product to allow users to boot Windows XP on their new Apple Intel machine. Technically, you could always do it to some extent, but with a ton of work. But now Apple is not only allowing it, but facilitating it. It'll be quite interesting to see if this is allows Apple to grow their market share as this gives some comfort level to those potential customers that were sitting on the fence about whether or not to make the switch from PC to Mac. Does this give Apple some sort of potential competitive advantage now? I guess theoretically you could load Mac OS X on a PC machine as well, though not sure how complicated that would be. This marks the first time I can remember where the manufacturer is allowing the choice.

One thing that struck me as kind of a pain is that to work in Mac OS X or Windows you had to reboot in order to switch. I think once you can switch around just like you can between a window and another window, this will really take off and you'll have a machine that can take the best of every OS.

this will continue to get interesting….


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