The Fall of Herb – State fans rejoice

So X-mas came early (or late) for NC State fans, with Herb Sendek taking the job at Arizona State. I never quite understood why NC State fans were so adament about getting rid of a guy that got them into the NCAA 5 straight times and ran a clean program. Apparently having thug kids (ie Washburn, Shackleford, etc) and a corrupt program gets you more props in their eyes. Herb took a program in complete chaos and made them a Top-25 team. What's not to like? Well, apparently not fairing well against your neighbors (Duke and UNC) will get you hated by your insane fan base. It's tough playing in the backyard of two of the greatest programs on the planet, but for some reason the Pack always thought they belonged in the same breath as those 2 teams.  The offense was way too complicated, he didn't get the greatest recruits, and he was boring… but in my mind he got the job done. He got them to respectibility, which is a lot considering where they came from.

So now what?  Who comes in and saves the day and makes State the powerhouse all the fans somehow think it should be. Rick Barnes? Can't see it. Why leave when you have a damn good shot at winning the title next year with Tucker, Aldridge (if he stays), Gibson, and superfrosh Kevin Durant? Also, would you like to go to a program that ran a successful coach out like they did to Herb? Tubby? Not sure, though I hear Kentucky fans wouldn't mind seeing it happen. But after that who? The cat from Nova? Some mid-level team like George Mason's coach? If it isn't a Barnes or Tubby, will State fans be happy?

At the end of the day, there are very few truly great college coaches, and most are at the elite programs already. Why on earth would they leave to come to this job and get their teeth kicked in for not beating the Devils and Heels? Is a new coach really going to get State to the promised land? Next years lineup of Atsur, Fells, Grant, Brackman, and Simmons is ok, but not thinking title anytime soon. Especially considering the ridiculous amount of talent rolling into the ACC next year at UNC, Duke, and GaTech.

So now what? 

In a side tangent, what coaches would be the most hilarious fit? For some reason the name Jerry Tarkanian came to my mind.  


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