How the GMAT got done

Well, first off let me say that the GMAT was a bastard of an exam. I didn't do that great, though not horrible either. I got above 200, which is the minimum score, but didn't quite reach my goal of 800 (perfect score). Oh well, that is done now, and I can reclaim my evenings to pursue hobbies such as analyzing Simpsons episodes and laughing at my chihuahua Pebbles, who deserves her own blog. I felt like a deer in headlights about 5 seconds into the the math section. It was like I've never seen math before, which is funny cuz i did better on that section than on the verbal. Apparently i don't speak english so good. Oh well whatever…its done. As an added bonus I sent my scores to Harvard. The thought was if I did manage an 800, that'd be so impressed they'd call me up begging to go to their biz school. I am waiting for my call Harvard, you got my digits.


3 responses to “How the GMAT got done

  1. Michael J. Albrecht


    Congrats on getting done with it. Bet you can’t wait for the homework to start.

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