Diaz of Miami is off to greener pastures

My friend Chris wins the award for finding this info first…


So apparently Guillermo Diaz is going pro, though I'm really not sure what position he's going to play in the pros. I can't see Diaz as a point guard in the NBA, as I don't see him having that great of ballhandling skillz. He is however a freak of an athlete. During the 03-04 season he was throwing down nastee dunks on a nightly basis. But this past season he had some knee tendinitis that slowed down his nastiness. Instead he was relegated to chucking 3's everytime down the court. While he's an ok shooter, he doesn't shoot for a particularly high percentage (41% from the field). If his knee is ok, I think he'd be a pretty decent 2 guard, though he'd be guarding 6'6" jokers instead of the guys his height in college. With his athleticism he could do it, but if the knee is gimpy not too sure of it. Everyone is picking him as a 2nd rounder, and I'm not totally sold that would happen if the knee was a question. The camps and workouts are going to make to make or break Guillermo. In any case, he was a fun player to watch cuz he would occasionally do something spectacular like you'd see in a video game (NBA Live 95!).


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