The fall of Dook

About 95% of America’s bracket went to hell last nite, after Duke was bounced by LSU. From the looks of it, fouls were only called if the skin was broken, or in cases of a compound fracture. brutal game for both sides. Somehow LSU coped with it, the Devils just couldn’t. In some strange way I felt bad for JJ and Shelden since the only reason they came back to school was to win the championship, and they failed. Not only did they fail, but JJ had maybe his worst game, so he didn’t even get to go out in a blaze of glory. He has never been able to hang with taller guards that could get in his grill, and it played out again last nite. I’m sure a few NBA scouts watched that game and dropped him a few pegs. As for LSU, that kid Thomas is a freak. Not sure I’ve seen anyone that athletic, at least not in recent years. He owned the paint, even more so than the house that is Big Baby Davis. Unlike JJ, his stock went up in the NBA draft.
The real keys to the game in my opinion were that Duke couldn’t get the ball in the paint enough from the mid point of the 2nd half on in order to pick up a 5th foul on the two big men of LSU. They just gave the ball to JJ and let him run around and chuck up a contested shot or drive to the hole and get seriously blocked by Thomas.

Just saw BC lost to Nova, so the ACC is now out. Wraps up a mediocre season.


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