I have entered the blogosphere

I actually hate the term blogosphere. just seems like another one of those corporate buzzwords of the moment, like grunge or e-business. Though I am not a fan of the term, I think it is an interesting phenomenon. Essentially to me its the further decentralization of information. The new media of sorts (though i dislike that term as well). being in marketing, i think you learn to hate marketing-speak.

So here I am entering the fray. I don’t really have a definitive purpose other than rambling about things that interest me. Hopefully some of my friends will share in the rambles and we’ll all have a big laugh.

My master plan is to post something everyday, but who knows. I honestly have problems even keeping up with my inbox, let alone trying to find something remotely interesting to write about. Most of my free time lately has been devoted to work and studying for the GMAT.

Speaking of the GMAT, it is absolutely amazing how much math I’ve forgotten over the years. Even though I’ve forgotten about things such as quadratic equations and the like, its been sort of interesting to re-learn it. Almost like culling it from deep with in my subconscious. like a bad memory that’s been repressed. after re-learning all that stuff, i almost feel smarter. at least for another week or until I take the actual test. Then 2 days later I won’t be able to tell you a 30-60-90 triangle has sides of x, x time square root of 3, and 2x. should be a fun-filled four hour adventure next Thursday.

so there you go…my first post


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